The green brick separator, was it worth it?

People called me crazy for opening a Palace Cinema to take out the green brick separator for a video on the channel!

And for context, the Palace Cinema is a LEGO set from the highly sought after Modular Building series, retired in 2017 worth around 250eur sealed, with prices going up every year.

Friends offered to borrow me one so that I didn’t need to open the set. BUT, then the video wouldn’t be as good, and from the start this was a clear image for me, opening the set will make it a better video.

In the end it was an incredibly fun video to do, one of my favourites I did this year and in the comment section you see me asking “Was it worth it guys?”

I’m happy to say that the ad revenue from that one video is more than enough to buy a sealed copy of the Palace Cinema, if I so desired, so I guess yes, it was worth it 🙂

If you haven’t watched that one here it is:

Though this post is kinda of a spoiler if you haven’t watched it yet ahah #sorrynotsorry