Evil Macaque’s Mech

Today we have a guest reviewer, Pedro Sequeira, sharing his thoughts on the LEGO Monkie Kid 80033 Evil Macaque’s Mech. Thank you LEGO for sending this set for review! Views and opinions are our own. The 80033 Evil Macaque’s Mech is probably the best battle playset to have as an enemy to the 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech, although the Macaque is a little bit smaller in height.

It comes with five heavily loaded minifigures ready for a standoff:
– A new version of the Monkie Kid printed in almost every part: legs, torso, arms, head and hair. It comes with standard Golden Staff and a scroll to the already found Fire Rings.
– A Minifig scale Sandy, smaller version compared with his previously BigFig versions. Also with a reduced version of the weapon from previous sets.
– Mei with the three Fire Rings, a new neon yellow torso and two trans-bright green crystals.
– The Evil Macaque with some awesome prints and details especially on the hair with three ears on each side. It comes with a staff that has spikes and trans-purple flame.
– Rumble with some good design on the torso and a unique a new weapon made out of some other weapons.

Starting off the instructions, you will have the chance to build a brand-new variation of the Giant Golden Staff. In a few steps you will have Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff Cannon assembled which the stand can provide a wide range of movements: up, down, left right and turn around. The cannon also comes with the new 2022 stud shooter in pearl gold and two clips one to hold the smaller version of the staff and other to use as aim/target piece.

Despite the Evil Macaque’s Mech is built in a very straight-forward way without too complicated technics (a lot of snot), it’s a less boring experience than the bigger version (10cm height difference) the Monkey King Warrior Mech.
One thing that I noticed out of place on the torso is that why the designer chose to go with the new dark red Inverted Arch 1 x 3 rather than a red one on the “red” side, since the mech is mainly half black half red?

Both arms and legs are built almost mirrored and not so different from the 80012, especially on the feet. The articulations persist to be a problem because there are no joints on the knees and the ankles also have limitations. On a different way the arms are heavily built with joints/handles and clips and both have a new piece on the shoulders joints which offers more stability and for so more articulating movements.

The head is also similar to the Monkey King Warrior Mech’s head with the same printed eyes on round tiles 1 x 1 and with smaller horns.

The staff is way better than the one from Monkey King Warrior Mech with strong inception of repetition steps on the tips. The final result is pretty impressive and “spiky”. It can also be clipped to the back of the Mech or to the hands, despite that this last one seems to be a little bit complicated to hold to play.

Regardless all of that, the mech itself has a pretty unique design with some nice details on the head, on the shoulder pads and in one of the arms (with the spikes and so on). On the other hand it has a lot of “organic” fur, which makes me doubt if it was supposed to be real mech, not mentioning the fact that it doesn’t have a cockpit to put the pilot inside.

Thank you Pedro for reviewing this set!

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